United Socialist Party of Venezuela Organizes Almost 267,000 Peoples’ Assemblies – Model for Wisconsin?

By Narkys Blanco, August 28, 2022

On Monday, August 22, vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, announced, that 266,927 assemblies were organized at the national level last weekend.

Cabello described the process, whereby the party’s “street speakers” were renewed, as “extraordinary”:

“Extraordinary process; beautiful. The 266, 927 assemblies throughout the country: this is said and written very quickly. The problem is to do it.”

Cabello detailed how extraordinary actions were witnesses during the process, including a beautiful call in which the collective prevailed, to the widespread participation of party members.

“We have no choice but to feel proud and happy about the results of this weekend, where all of Venezuela and our militants and supporters have chosen the new street teams,” Cabello said.

More participation
Cabello stressed that women took a leading role in the election of the street teams that were held last weekend throughout the country.

“Men were defeated, each in turn, is the prevalent general perception,” said Cabello. “Women took control of almost all the streets of Venezuela.”

Cabello reminded party members that this Saturday, August 27, the elections of the heads and work teams of the communities will be held.

This process will be carried out by the promoters, elected during the first assemblies, and the recently elected street speakers. He recalled that private interests have no place in this process.

Cabello recalled that the renovation of PSUV grassroots is a strength for the revolutionary forces:

“It helps us to strengthen the party even more, because it is a form of democratic expression that becomes a great force by itself,” Cabello said, and pointed out the legitimacy earned by his street teams, derived from their election by the party bases.

Reprinted from Orinoco Tribune.

Swearing-in process of street speakers in Zulia state. | Photo YVKE Mundial

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