September 30, 2022: #DayWithoutUs

Southern Workers Assembly has endorsed an important day of action on September 30 to protest the lack of reproductive justice. The Workers Program developed by SWA includes a demand for control of our bodies and free access to reproductive health. SWA is encouraging people to participate in this day of action and will have additional information available in the coming days, including an informational webinar on Thursday, September 8 at 6pm et (register here).  Below is what the organizers of the action say:

To accomplish the #DayWithoutUs, we’re building an inclusive table developed

by Black women-led reproductive justice organizations and organizers who
understand that all of our movements are connected. The urgency to address
reproductive rights is directly related to protecting our overall freedoms. In this
intervention, framed by our shared lived experiences as Black people, we must
also reckon with the varied privileges that exist in being able to take the day off.
We will offer material support to those who would feel economic impact by
joining this day of action. We must remove as many barriers to participation as
possible to test and flex our collective physical and economic impact.

Information Webinar on Day Without Us Action Planning

Thursday, September 8 – 6pm eastern

Interested in learning more about the activities being planned for the Day Without Us and how you and your coworkers, union, or organization can participate? Register to join an informational webinar on the planning for the day of action to find out more and connect with organizers.

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