Police at Amazon facility threaten to arrest union leader Christian Smalls

A leader in the movement to unionize Amazon warehouse workers, Christian Smalls, was threatened with arrest yesterday while organizing at a fulfillment center bus stop near Albany, New York, where workers recently filed for a union election.

The workers at this warehouse — ALB1, located in Schodack, New York — are attempting to organize with the Amazon Labor Union. Smalls is the president of the group, which helped form Amazon’s first recognized labor union at the Staten Island warehouse where he used to work. Smalls has emerged as a leader in the American labor movement, speaking before Congress and meeting with President Joe Biden at the White House.

Yesterday, Smalls organized an action at the bus stop at ALB1. The bus stop is operated by the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA), the local public transit provider, but Amazon claims that the bus stop is part of its private warehouse property….

More information: More Perfect Union

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