Update from Family and Friends of Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Update from Family and Friends of Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Judge Haight again denied the motion for compassionate release. However, unlike his 2021 denial claiming that Mutulu was not sick enough at that time to be granted compassionate release, this time he denied the motion on procedural grounds saying that the court does not have the authority to grant his compassionate release [see the Ruling]. This contention is because Dr. Shakur is an ‘Old Law’ prisoner, and, therefore, the Bureau of Prisons would need to grant compassionate release. This ‘Old Law’ status is somewhat of a legal grey area that unfortunately Dr. Shakur and other aging prisoners are caught in. The legal team submitted a new compassionate release request to the BOP on Friday, September 2nd based on Haight’s decision and updated medical information. Also this week, the legal team was notified that Dr. Shakur will be scheduled for another parole hearing the week of October 10th. We anxiously await news from the BOP as we prepare for this hearing.

As Black August comes to a close this year, Family & Friends of Mutulu Shakur invite you to join Movement 4 Black Lives & Malcolm X Grassroots Movement in their joint call to deepen the struggle forBlack political prisoners– sign petitions, write letters, donate, and spread the word!

Support Black Political Prisoners

For the last 23 years, people in prison and supporters throughout Turtle Island have participated in the annual event known as Running Down the Walls often simultaneously in many cities and prisons at once. This non-competitive 5K run/jog/walk/roll hosted by the Anarchist Black Cross raises awareness and funds for comrades inside, including Dr. Shakur. RDTW 2022 will take place in several locations between September 10th & 18th!

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