Workers on the Move Across the U.S. With Strikes and Other Labor Actions!

Report by WI BOPM 9/8/22

Beginning the school year the Columbus, OH and Kent, WA educators went on strike and won. Kent Education Association / Columbus Education Association

Seattle educators went on strike September 7 and are still out.

Seattle Education Association

Faculty at EMU AAUP went on strike this week and still out, administration filed for injunction union defying it for now.

UAW Local 180 in Racine, WI and sister local at CNHi still on strike after four months.

September 13-16 the Nurses at UW Health going on a three day strike for recognition, ratios and pay. Big press conference at Madison, WI Labor Day. SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin

Then there’s the massive Sip-In’s that were held coast to coast at numerous Starbucks stores on Labor Day. SBWorkersUnited

And the Amazon workers, a worker walk out at Taco Bell in Kansas City, the railroad workers both the in the U.S. and U.K. talking possible strike.

Amazon Labor Union

And the Teamsters have begun a one year contract campaign in August for their 2023 contract fight – the current nationwide agreements ends in the summer of 2023.

There’s a variety of other union recognition campaigns going on at non-profits and major corporations and event congressional offices.

More info (use search engine):

Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

We Rise Fighting! Labor Podcast:

More Perfect Union: More Perfect Union


“The great only appear great to us.” — James Connolly

Memphis Seven – SBWorkersUnited

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