September 10, 2022: Marxists speak out: 200 Days of War


Marxists speak out: 200 Days of War.
Stop the war of US/NATO imperialism against Russia! Stop the US preparations of war against China!

The war in Ukraine is now nearing its 200th day. It is now clearer than ever that the conflict was provoked by US/NATO as part of its long held efforts to dominate the Eurasian landmass by finally subordinating Russia. It is also clear that the war of US/NATO imperialism against Russia is occurring simultaneously with US plans to ratchet up conflict with China as it prepares to potentially wage war on two fronts as part of a drive to World War 3.

The panel of Marxists from around the world will focus on assessments of how the war in Ukraine is progressing and what impact is this having on the class struggle internationally? It will also discuss issues of how Marxists should be responding, organising and intervening in the response of US imperialism’s turn towards fascism and world war.

If you or your organisation would like to be speak please email:

The panel will be streamed live to the “A Call for Action: Stop US led imperialism’s war against Russia & China” Facebook page.

Will speak:

κομμουνιστικη επαναστατικη δραση (Greece)
Consistent Democrats/LCFI (Great Britain)
Bolshevik Tendency
Socialist Fight (Great Britain)

North America
Class Conscious (US))
Friends of the Soviet People (US)
Socialist Unity Party (US)
Mike Gimbel (US)

South America
Communist League (Brasil)
Partido Communist Do Povo Brasileiro(Brasil)
Tendencia Militante Bolchevique/LCFI (Argentina)

East Asia
Bolshevik Group (South Korea)

South East Asia
Komite Esperansa (Timor Leste)

Anti-War West Sydney

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