We Stand With Nurses! – Solidarity Rallies in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Madison September 13, 2022

JOIN the Solidarity Rallies:
– Tues, Sept 13 (2:30PM – 4PM) at MHealth Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital, Minneapolis
– Wed, Sept 14 (1PM – 4PM) at Abbott Hospital, Minneapolis

Stand with our Minnesota Nurses Association siblings as they engage in the largest nurses strike in our country’s history fighting for #PatientsBeforeProfits

✅ SEIU members can picket on non-work time as we have submitted 10-day intent to picket notices of our own.

We want to remind our members not to work outside of their scope of practice this week. Many of the scab nurses will not have the skill or experience as our regular nurses. All members are encouraged to have a copy of their job description with them and to make sure they stay in their scope of practice. No one should jeopardize their careers in an effort to help a potentially unqualified nurse.

Finally, if there are patient care or safety issues you see at work, you can report those issues to MNA https://mna.formstack.com/forms/complaint_form or by calling the SEIU Member Action Center at 651-294-8100

Remember, we are always Stronger Together!

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