Pride At Work: Solidarity With Minnesota Nurses!

Pride at Work stands in solidarity with the 15k nurses of the Minnesota Nurses Association as they are on strike for patient safety. Let’s be clear – no nurse wants to go on strike. In fact, it is a last resort only considered after every other possibility has been exhausted.

Despite the misleading claims from management that nurses are striking for more money, nurses are on strike because they are demanding safe staffing to ensure every patient receives the care they deserve, and that every nurse is given the tools to provide that care.

It is not only common sense that better staffing = better patient outcomes, it is a proven fact with decades of evidence to prove it. A 2021 Study in the American Journal of Nursing showed that staffing improvements of just one fewer patient per nurse led to improvements in mortality, readmissions, and length of stay.  

Nurses treat their patients as if they are members of their family, because often, they are. Nurses live in the communities where they serve. Patients aren’t just a number, they are a member of the nurse’s community. Hospital management decisions are often conducted far away from the life and death decisions faced by nurses on a daily basis. This is why management puts profit over patients.

Pride at Work will continue to stand with the Minnesota Nurses Association as they fight for a contract that places patients above profits. Lives literally depend on it.

Patients are human beings, not a dollar sign.

Nurses get it. Corporations don’t.

Minnesota AFL-CIO President and Pride at Work Twin Cities Member Bernie Burnham, along with AFL-CIO’s Kate Shaughnessy, on the picket line with MNA members.

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