Death By Incarceration Is Torture

National Coalition Calls on the United Nations to Condemn Death by Incarceration as a Violation of the International Ban on Racial Discrimination
Yesterday, on September 15, the Abolitionist Law Center, Center for Constitutional Rights, the California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Drexel University Community Lawyering Clinic, the Drop LWOP Coalition, Release Aging People in Prisons, and others submitted a 31-page letter to the United Nations. The letter states that U.S. is committing torture and other gross human rights violations by condemning people to “Death by Incarceration” (DBI). The coalition is urging the U.N. Special Rapporteurs to call for the abolition of life imprisonment, which, like mass incarceration, occurs in the U.S. more often than in any other country in the world.According to the Harvard University Press, individuals serving LWOP in the United States make up more than 80 percent of those serving the sentence worldwide, and more people are serving DBI sentences in the U.S. than in the other 113 surveyed countries combined. 
“Death by Incarceration is a structural and ideological pillar of the racist criminal punishment system in this country. With today’s submission, we are sending a defiant and determined message that Death by Incarceration is a crime of the state and there is a growing movement that intends to bring about its abolition.” –Bret Grote, legal director of the Abolitionist Law Center
Currently, over 200,000 people in U.S. prisons are serving Death by Incarceration sentences. And while in 2020 only 12.4 percent of the US population was Black, 46 percent of all of those sentenced to die in prison nationwide were Black. This directly violates the international ban on racial discrimination, as well as the ban on torture, and deprives individuals of their right to life, right to hope, right to rehabilitation, right to family life, and right to liberty. Along with the letter, the coalition submitted over 40 statements from people currently serving Death by Incarceration across the U.S. To read the full complaint and testimonies, click the link below.
Letter Submitted to the United Nations

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