On the Necessity of Sex Trade Abolition, as a Revolutionary Marxist Line

Comrade Anir

September 10, 2022

To the Sisters and Oppressed People of the World who’ve been exploited by, and have lost their lives to the Sex Trade, this is for you: https://bit.ly/3UAYiWp

I write this with the utmost compassion for my sisters, friends and loved ones that have understood and felt my pain, received my battle cries, and too, have experienced the horrors of the sex trade. My solidarity stands with the oppressed people of this world. I only hope to build solidarity and bridges with those that also seek out a future where the international division of gendered labor, the feminization of globalized poverty and women’s sexual and reproductive oppression are eliminated, by every means necessary. We must understand prostitution as a political and economic terrain that allows the social notion that women, children and African and Colonized people being raped is “normal”, to thrive. There is nothing productive, essential or necessary about the sex trade, we must renounce this liberal myth every time it rears its absolute ideological terrors against our communities. I will leave this off by saying, down with the capitalist exploiters, down with all who stand to profit from the oppression of the downtrodden, the comprador neocolonial puppets that sell out their own nations, the militaries and cops of imperialist countries and most importantly within the context of this article, down with sex trade expansionists, traffickers, pimps and buyers, and to the international rape economy known as prostitution. Here is a final quotation by Comrade Alexandria Kollontai, speaking to the importance of fighting against prostitution, which also exemplifies that class struggle persists under the dictatorship of the proletariat:

“Some people might say that since prostitution will have no place once the power of the workers and the basis of communism are strengthened, no special campaign is necessary. This type of argument fails to take into account the harmful and disuniting effect that prostitution has on the construction of a new communist society.”


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