October 1, 2022: Colonialism, Compradors & The Militarized Crisis of Capitalism in Africa (Online)

Black Alliance for Peace

The terrorism that U.S. claims to be “at war” with is a political crisis of its own making. The only solutions late stage capitalism can offer Africa are military solutions, forever wars and unbridled competition. Africa must bear the brunt of this manufactured crisis in a desperate bid by the U.S. to keep the continent under the heel of its insatiable and unsustainable neoliberal dependence on minerals resources and markets. While AFRICOM (U.S. Africa Command) has not helped curb terrorism in Africa, it has enabled reactionary African leaders who align with U.S. interests and has dramatically boosted corporate profits for a lucrative military industry.

Join the Black Alliance for Peace for this cutting edge webinar that will kick off the 3rd International Month of Action Against AFRICOM. Hear analysis from organizers in hotspots on the ground in Africa and others with uncompromising and lucid views on the state of affairs in Africa and strategies to get the “U.S. Out of Africa” and “Shut Down AFRICOM.”

Register at bit.ly/africommoa

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