October 15-22, 2022: Back to the Streets! Say NO to U.S. Wars!

While $billions are sent to Ukraine for war, working people face escalating costs of food and energy, we face recession, growing insecurity and attacks on efforts to unionize. The continuing wars and military provocations have brought us to the brink of nuclear war.

During this election period, the continuing wars, military provocations and the war caused inflation and recession is getting little attention. Additionally, Washington seem determined to start even more fires around the world. Nancy Pelosi’s China provocation trip to Taiwan; hints that the U.S. may be moving towards strikes against Iran; and reports that new U.S./south Korea war games will practice a “decapitation” strike against the north (DPRK): all show the urgent need to speak out.

Let us know the details of any actions you organize by clicking here.

View planned actions here (list in formation)

Read the UNAC Blog

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