Protesters confront war industry convention and Ukraine’s puppet president Zelensky in Austin, Texas

Protesters confront war industry convention and Ukraine’s puppet president Zelensky in Austin, Texas September 21, 2022. | Photo: SLL/Rasika Ruwanpathirana

By David Sole – September 24, 2022

…. As tens of billions of dollars of military weapons flow into the expanding Ukraine fighting, the U.S. military contractors are celebrating their huge new profits. With the Kharkiv offensive success the war hawks in the U.S. and in Ukraine will continue to press forward with the war. No chance of peace talks will be heard. After all, U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin said openly the United States’ goal was to “weaken Russia.” The death and destruction in Ukraine is of no consequence to the U.S. war machine.

On September 21 anti-war activists from around Texas and across the U.S. protested outside the Austin Convention Center where the National Defense Industrial Association was meeting. The gathering of big military contractors and war profiteers were confronted with signs, banners and chants contrasting the massive funding by the Biden administration for its Ukraine proxy-war versus the suffering of people here at home due to inflation and lack of food, housing and healthcare.

Ukraine’s puppet President Zelensky along with some of his generals were scheduled to attend the convention in person or virtually.

The looming energy crisis in Europe, previously dependent on Russian energy supplies, has alarmed people in the European Union and England. Demonstrations have broken out in many western countries over the ballooning price of natural gas and heating oil. But the U.S. oil giants are using the looming energy shortages to hike prices at the same time they corner a larger share of the market.

Only a mass movement in the U.S. and Europe will be able to stop this deepening crisis of war and destruction driven by the oil industry, the military-industrial complex and the military hawks.

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