Wisconsin: Family Farm Defenders Extend Solidarity to UAW Workers On Strike Against Case New Holland (CNHi)

Family Farm Defenders

Aug. 22, 2022

We, the membership of the Family Farm Defenders, are writing to extend our solidarity to United Auto Workers Local 180 of Wisconsin and United Auto Workers Local 807 of Iowa, in your fight for a fair contract with Case New Holland.

We understand and support your demands for working hours that allow for rest and time with family, the need for higher wages to compensate for inflation and your concerns with the company’s proposed increase in your health insurance premiums and co-pays.

We, as farmers and supporters of farmers, know what it means to work hard and yet struggle to pay bills. The cost of seed, fertilizer and other inputs have been rising while the prices for our farm products remain low. The result is less and less small farms.

With appreciation for the work that you do and have done building the equipment that we use to produce the food for our country and the world, we stand in solidarity with you.

Working together, we both can win.

Joel Greeno, President

John E. Peck, Executive Director

John E. Peck Executive Director Family Farm Defenders, P.O. Box 1772, Madison, WI 53701 tel./fax. 608-260-0900 www.familyfarmdefenders.org

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