Racist Flyers Distributed in Greendale, WI – Residents Fight Back!

PAGE – People Advocating for Greendale Equity

This morning, people in parts of Greendale awoke to find these racist, white supremacist flyers on their driveways. They include a URL and a QR code leading to a Telegram group from a known white supremacist organization that has distributed similar flyers in other cities (links to news reports from similar actions in the comments).

Whether these were distributed by someone from Greendale or someone from outside, the effect on BIPOC Greendale residents is the same – fear. That fear is made worse by the fact that some white residents reacted to news of this racist act skeptically or flippantly.

PAGE – People Advocating for Greendale Equity

RACIST HATE LIKE THIS IS REAL, IT IS HERE IN GREENDALE, AND IT HARMS PEOPLE. Take it seriously, reject it publicly, and reach out to offer reassurance and assistance to neighbors who might feel less safe as a result of this.

If you find flyers or other materials like this, please report it – to us at PAGE, to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League (both of which organizations track hate group activity), and to local authorities. If this is not what Greendale is, it’s up to all of us to stand up and say: HATE HAS NO HOME HERE.

If you would like to make a visible public statement against this, PAGE will have HATE HAS NO HOME HERE yard signs available for pickup at the Gazebo in Greendale’s historic downtown Monday evening from 6-7. You can also ask about other ways to get involved in PAGE’s work to make Greendale a more welcoming and equitable community.

PAGE – People Advocating for Greendale Equity

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