Detroit: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Events October 15 & 18: Read-A-Thon and Film Screening

Moratorium NOW! Coalition

PLEASE post these Mumia event graphics on your social media!  If you have passages from Mumia’s writings that you want to share for the Read-A-Thon, please print or send them on over! 

UPDATE, Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mumia Abu-Jamal has been a US Political Prisoner since December 1981. This October 19, 2022, a judge in Philadelphia will decide if Mumia’s case from over 40 years ago- a case full of glaring injustices – can be re-opened due to new evidence. 

That “new” evidence is 6 boxes of papers, related to Mumia’s case, that were hidden in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s (prosecutor’s) office, dating back to Mumia’s trial. While those papers were hidden, including, for instance, a letter from one of the bribed witnesses asking the DA when he would get paid, Mumia has spent decades in prison – on Death Row for most of those years. 

A small group of folks from Detroit will be heading to Philly to rally outside the courthouse and help bring attention and necessary pressure for Mumia to be freed. (Tell us if you’re interested in going!) NOTHING happens in the courts in favor of Political Prisoners without pressure from the people.  While Mumia has wonderful lawyers, they work parallel with the people’s movement for Mumia. That movement forced the state to take Mumia off of Death Row after almost 30 years.  The people kept him from being executed. Now, it’s time to bring him home. 

OCT 15 MUMIA READ-A-THON, 1-7pm EST, Detroit

Please join us at the General Baker Institute (GBI) on Saturday, Oct 15 to read Mumia’s books, share passages out loud with each other, listen to Mumia’s radio-smooth voice and sharp commentaries, learn from each other, and celebrate our brother and elder Mumia- to bring him home. We’ll be at GBI from 1pm to 7pm. Come when you can and stay a while!


Register to attend online here: The movie Long Distance Revolutionary is the first of its kind about Mumia. It came out in 2013 and instead of focusing on Mumia’s case, it focuses on his life, motivations, family, time in the Black Panther Party, his radio career, reporting on MOVE, his work, and his life on Death Row. It’s an excellent, artfully made film about Mumia, who Angela Davis calls “the 21st Century’s Frederick Douglass.” See some movie reviews here.

register for the Oct 18 film event

Meeting this Thursday (Oct 6, 7pm EST)

To organize to Free Our Movement Elders/Political Prisoners. [Detroit-based Zoom meeting]

Register here:

Next email will be about Dr. Mutulu Shakur. He has a parole hearing on Monday, Oct 10, 2022. Please keep Mutulu in your prayers and meditations for good health, and for him to get home to his family.



Moratorium NOW! Coalition

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement-Detroit

Detroit Anarchist Black Cross


Commentaries from Mumia Abu-Jamal and other political prisoners:

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