October 4-6, 2022: Milwaukee Tenants Union Phone Blast to Fountainhead Contracting LLC!

Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union

Event: https://fb.me/e/ePOJ8WmbP

Fountainhead Contracting LLC owns the rental property at 4827 N 49th St. Milwaukee, WI where MATU member Deveyon Boone lives. Michael Wyne, owner of Fountainhead has failed to maintain this property and Deveyon has lived for months with several broken windows, a broken kitchen sink that does not have running water, and a hazardous black mold problem in the basement due to a cracked foundation that allows water in when it rains without any drainage or ventilation.

In September, Fountainhead attempted to evicted Deveyon for a tiny portion of unpaid rent but because of the poor condition of the house, the courts granted a stipulation that Deveyon pay off the balance of rent owned and Fountainhead make the necessary repairs to the house. Deveyon has held up his end of the bargain. Fountainhead has not.

We are asking MATU members and all those in the community that are concerned with tenants rights to call Fountainhead at 414-260-5100 and demand that they make the necessary repairs in compliance with the court stipulation. Below is a script you can use when calling:

“Hello, my name is _______ calling from the Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union on behalf of your tenant Deveyon Boone. We demand that you make the necessary repairs to Deveyon’s home in compliance with the court ordered stipulation from case 2022SC018117. You have the responsibility under state law to maintain your property and if you do not comply, further action will be taken.”

This is a 3 day phone blast so call as many times as you can over the next three days to let Fountainhead LLC know we mean business!

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