Milwaukee, November 11, 2022: Veterans For Peace, Reclaim Armistice Day!

Veterans for Peace Milwaukee Chapter 102

Our 16th annual event to mark November 11 as a day to promote peace. as Armistice Day was first established. Event:

Join us in person or virtually by registering for a Zoom webinar here:…/reg…/WN_u43i5SL9Sve98hKjXH7TQQ

All welcome to this free, public celebration of peace. 7pm on Friday, Nov. 11 in the rotunda of Milwaukee’s historic city hall.


***Reggie Jackson. Award winning journalist, co-owner of Nurturing Diversity Partners, member of The Redress Movement national research team. Navy veteran, consultant to local, national and international media on race relations.

*** Kelly Denton-Borhaug Professor of Religion, Co-director of Peace and Justice Studies at Moravian University in Pennsylvania, has long been investigating how religion and violence collide in American war-culture and is author of two books on the subject.
“And Then Your Soul Is Gone: Moral Injury and US War Culture”

Music by Frogwater & Harvey Taylor starts at 6:45

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