Green Bay/Oneida, November 9, 2022: Rally to Save the Indian Child Welfare Act

Facebook Event:

Event by Building Unity, Green Bay DSA – Democratic Socialists of America and JOSHUA-Green Bay

Native children, culture, and the sovereignty of all Tribal Nations are under threat due to legal attacks attempting to overturn the Indian Child Welfare Act.

“The law was enacted by Congress in 1978 to address the disproportionate rates at which Native children were removed from their homes by public and private agencies and placed in institutions or with non-Native families.” -Frank Vaisvilas, Green Bay Press-Gazzette

There has been a long history of attempting to “kill the Indian, save the man” by disconnecting native children from their families and cultures; although this may not be the explicitly stated aims of these legal attacks they would result in the same effect.

On November 9th the Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments in the case challenging the ICWA. Given the makeup of the court we worry the act will be rolled back or done away with altogether.

Please join us on November 9th at 5pm in Oneida/Green Bay (Location TBD) to stand in opposition to these attacks and with the 497 Tribal Nations who have formally called upon the Supreme Court to uphold the ICWA.

RSVP to this page to keep updated.

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