Jewish Voices For Peace: Support students who refuse to build tech for apartheid

Last year, college students at three campuses across the country made an extraordinary move: They asked fellow students to pledge to refuse jobs and internships at Google and Amazon until these companies stop powering Israeli apartheid.  As JVP’s new Student Organizer, I’m thrilled to support students organizing in the No Tech for Apartheid (#NOTA) campaign, a worker-led effort to put an end to Project Nimbus, Google and Amazon’s cloud contract with the Israeli military and government.  This school year, we’re escalating and expanding student organizing to send Big Tech a clear message: 
Prospective and current tech workers do not
want their labor used to surveil, oppress, or commit violence against Palestinians.
Your support will help grow our numbers and make our campaign successful — especially if you give in the next 48 hours. A generous donor has offered to match all new donations through 10/16. Make #NOTA and all our efforts for a free Palestine sustainable for the long haul, by donating today. 
How does student organizing put pressure on Big Tech? 
Tech companies like Google and Amazon pour millions into recruiting top students from “feeder schools” such as Columbia-Barnard, Princeton, and UCLA.

By withholding their labor until tech corporations cancel harmful contracts like Nimbus, students jam up the “tech talent pipeline” that makes it possible to continue providing technology used to further harm Palestinians. 
We’ve seen the power of connected campaigns from allies like Latinx and Chicanx organization Mijente, who’ve been organizing #NoTechForICE to disrupt the recruitment efforts of tech companies enabling surveillance and deportations.  

These powerful organizing campaigns are a blow not just to Big Tech’s future labor force, but also to their public image. 
Building student power is key to holding Big Tech accountable for its harm to marginalized communities in the U.S., Palestine, and around the world. 
There are only two days left to double your impact toward our student organizing efforts for a free Palestine. Make your gift today, while our match is still in effect. Don’t miss out!  In solidarity,Abby BrookStudent Organizer
P.S. Consider turning your gift into a monthly donation. Your recurring support keeps us going strong. 

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