Philadelphia, October 26, 2022: Bring Mumia Home! Rally & Pack The Court


Stand with Mumia, his legal representatives and his supporters as Mumia has stood with us since the age of 14, as a leading figure in the Philadelphia Black Panther Party. His legal team will be in court petitioning to have the explosive new evidence heard and litigated in which the Common Pleas Court Judge Lucretia Clemons will be deciding if the new evidence warrants an impartial hearing, leading to a new trial or outright release.    
·       That new evidence being a key witness testifying against Mumia in the original 1981 trial, asking the former DA, Joseph Mc Gil “where is my money? I’ve been trying to contact you”
·       Ineffective counsel and jury fixing to keep Blacks off of high profile cases
The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home has a charter bus leaving NYC at 5:30 AM, headed to Philadelphia to stand against a fraudulent conviction and patently unfair trial fraught with over 21 Constitutional violations.  Go to to purchase your ticket, $30 or call the Free Mumia Coalition hotline for more details (212) 330-8029
We expect to be back in NYC by 4:00PM. 

When We Fight We Win! 

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