Cops Attack and Arrest Teamster’s on the Picket Line at Sysco in Plympton, MA



More than 300 Teamsters at Local 653 hit the picket line September 30, 2022 at Sysco Boston in Massachusetts, just three days after 230 members at Local 317 went on strike at Sysco Syracuse in New York.

In Boston, management took their abhorrent anti-worker treatment to new lows, giving a take-it-or-leave-it final offer that strips their essential workers of high-quality union health insurance, denies members of a secure retirement with a union pension, and offers meager wage increases amid drastically rising inflation.

“We’ve been called essential workers for the longest time and now it’s just empty words,” said Trevor Ashley, a driver at Sysco Boston for over 20 years.

Buckle your chinstraps, Sysco. It’s a full-on Teamster rebellion… and it’s growing!


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