Appleton, WI October 29, 2022: ¡La Lucha Continua! A Talk on the Bolivarian Revolution, Multipolarity, & Freedom for Alex Saab


The free event will be hosted in Steitz Hall on campus and is set to begin at 4 pm.
Dozthor is an international solidarity activist, Venezuelan lecturer, and participant in the on-going Bolivarian Revolution. He’ll be presenting on the deeply democratic, revolutionary processes at work in Venezuela since his return to the country in 2000, the importance of the rise of a new multipolar world, and the campaign to free Alex Saab, a Venezuelan diplomat held in Miami as a political prisoner of the U.S.
Following his presentation, there will be a chance for questions. We hope you’ll join us for this exciting opportunity!

Also in Madison on Wednesday, November 2, and in Milwaukee on Thursday, November 3, 2022

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