Delayed US National Security Strategy views China as its greatest geopolitical challenge

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

US China relations. (File Image)

The rising rivalries between the US and China are set to dominate the coming years of the 21st century.The US has unveiled its long delayed national security strategy where China is named as the most consequential geopolitical challenge for the US.

That means that Washington is prioritizing winning over China, as Beijing is seen as the only global rival to the US.

According to US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, the People’s Republic of China harbors the intention, and increasingly the capacity, to reshape the current international order in favor of one that tilts the global playing field to its benefit.

We oppose clinging to outdated stereotypes such as the Cold War mentality and zero-sum games. 

We also disapprove of exaggerating geopolitical conflicts and great power competition.

Such approaches run counter to the current trend of the times and the expectations of the international community.

They are bound to be unpopular and will eventually fail.

Mao Ning, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

The US strategy further insists that China represents the most consequential challenge to global order.

It also says America must win the economic arms race against China if it hopes to retain global US influence.

The strategy has warned that China’s rapid technological progress is aimed at remolding the current world order.

It is very important that China has increased its investment in technology, which has laid the foundation for the future development of the country.

So I believe China is one of the countries in the world that attaches the most importance to investment in technology and the future development of the country.

Kirill Babaev, Russian Academy of Sciences

The strategy is aligned with the rhetoric used by the Biden administration and that of his predecessor. Biden officials have accused Russia and China of looking to change the so called “rules based order”.

The term is considered synonymous with “Washington led world order”.

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