Railroads Reject Maintenance-of-Way Workers’ Request for Additional Paid Sick Time

Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees negotiating with U.S. Class I railroads after initial rejection of tentative agreement

The union representing railroad maintenance of way employees, who rejected their tentative contract agreement earlier this month, are seeking additional sick leave benefits in negotiations with the U.S. Class I railroads.The National Carriers’ Conference Committee, which represents the railroads in collective bargaining, on Wednesday told the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters that the railroads would not accept its contract proposal.“The latest BMWED request for additional benefits is similar to a proposal which was carefully considered and rejected by President Biden’s Presidential Emergency Board and comes weeks after the union entered into a tentative agreement that included the most generous wage package in almost 50 years of national rail negotiations,” the NCCC said in a statement.Labor leaders had backed the tentative agreement that had been reached with the railroads, noting that it included increases for travel expenses that the union had requested. The rank and file, however, rejected the contract, with 56% of those casting ballots voting against the deal.READ MORE HERE…
BMWED RANK & FILE UNITED: Railroad Greed Will Leave RR Workers at Risk
View a timetable of upcoming (and past) rail union voting on the TA

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