Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM): November 14, 2022 (Online) – Prisoner’s Struggle & National Liberation, A Teach-In

Dear Comrades,

In the month of October we uplifted the call for a Global Week of Action in honor of our Palestinian political prisoners and the hunger strike they waged against the illegitimate Zionist entity. In 19 days of steadfastness, 50 prisoners successfully united free people around the world to send a clear message to the occupation; resistance until liberation!

Please join us on Mon, Nov 14th at 7pm for a virtual panel to learn more about their actions, what the next chapter of resistances holds and the history and role of political prisoners in the struggle for liberation from Detroit to Palestine.

We are honored to be hosting special guests from Samidoun and Detroit Shakur Squad to speak to their direct work with political prisoners and their collective struggles for liberation.

Registration Link:

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