Judicial Persecution Corrupts The Case Of Mumia Abu-Jamal

By Linn Washington – November 20, 2022

Abu-Jamal, imprisoned since his December 1981 arrest, has authored/co-authored over a dozen books, created over a thousand commentaries, learned to speak two foreign languages, plus earned college and graduate degrees. Further, Abu-Jamal’s claim of innocence has garnered support from several governmental bodies from Europe to Japan.

Amnesty International, in that 2000 study, stated “the interests of justice would be best served by” granting Abu-Jamal a new trial.”

Pennsylvania’s Code of Judicial Conduct states the judiciary “plays a fundamental role in ensuring the principles of justice and the rule of law.”

Judges who have constructed legal barriers to block Abu-Jamal’s appeals disregard a Conduct Code warning that “public confidence in the judiciary is eroded by improper conduct…”

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