Solidarity with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Workers ON STRIKE!

We had a thrilling time outside Post-Gazette Publisher John Block’s wedding reception on Saturday. The Pittsburgh Labor Choir’s drumline joined us, along with Santa, the Grinch and a dedicated supporter with a trombone. Days later, our owners are clearly still rattled (see video below).

And make no mistake: The Blocks that started this strike heard all of us loud and clear. They can meet the modest demands of us and our striking sibling unions at the Post-Gazette, or get used to their lives being like this.

Because we want to get back to work, we’re asking you tounsubscribe from the PG AND subscribe to the Pittsburgh Union Progress — our strike paper!

We’ll help people re-subscribe once our demands to best serve this community are met. In the meantime, we’re still covering the area at a publication that actually respects the people making it possible. That’s the Pittsburgh Union Progress.

After the wedding, Allan Block, John’s brother and the co-owner of the Post-Gazette, flipped out at an Ohio Turnpike rest stop when asked about his mistreatment of workers.

When asked, “why won’t you reach an agreement with your workers?” Block replied, “Oh f*ck you!” and swung a fast food bag at former Toledo Guild President Nolan Rosenkrans.

When you unsubscribe from the PG, your note will go directly to him, among others. We think it’s fair to say he’s given us more than a (burger) bag’s worth of reasons to subscribe to the PUP today.

We’ve clearly unsettled the bosses and need you to help keep the pressure on.

In Solidarity,

Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh

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