Thousands face layoffs in imperialism’s “Crown Jewel” high tech sector

By Chris Fry, November 26, 2022

“Silicon Valley” today defines not so much a geographical region of California as instead the technological development industry of U.S. imperialism. For the last forty years or more, this collection of corporations, with its workforce of highly educated and trained staffs of research workers, along with a network of similar international companies, have transformed the world’s production and distribution systems.

During the Covid pandemic, these workers, augmented by a tremendous hiring spree, were engaged in developing all kinds of automated systems to replace the suddenly missing workforce that the public health emergency created. But now that this emergency has subsided, these relatively well-paid research workers have suddenly become a burden to their business owners and to capitalism in general. So now they are being dumped into the unemployed pool, even while Big Business is still searching for low-pay workers to ruthlessly exploit, at least until the oncoming Federal Reserve’s recession kicks in….

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