Orinoco Tribune – Chavista Chronicles – Interview Camila Escalante – Brazil 2022 Presidential Race

Caracas, September 30, 2022 (OrinocoTribune.com)—In this new episode of Chavista Chronicles from Caracas we had the honor of interviewing producer and journalist Camila Escalante. She is based in based in La Paz, Bolivia, but has been in Brazil for the second half of October to properly cover the pre and post presidential race in the biggest Latin American economy. She was in Sao Paulo at the time of the interview.
Camila Escalante is editor of Kawsachun News and Latin America correspondent for PressTV. Previously she work as Telesur producer and correspondent and has been for several years a leading voice on Latin American issues from a Socialist perspective, in English language.
The interview was conducted by Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza, Orinoco Tribune’s founder and editor together with Saheli Chowdhury, Orinoco Tribune’s co-editor.

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