Support Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Workers ON STRIKE!

My relationship with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette predates my employment there by a couple generations. Both my dad and my grandfather were route managers in the circulation department. Newspapers were practically a piece of furniture in our house. My grandmother taught me to read using the comic strips in the Sunday edition.

When I began writing at the newspaper two years ago, I felt beyond fortunate to work for the same company where my dad spent so many years. I was excited to inform my community with well-reported daily journalism. And I was thankful that my newsroom had a union, which helped us have a voice in the workplace.

That union, the Newspaper Guild, and the unions that represent pressmen, typographers, drivers and advertising staff are now all on an unfair labor practice strike against the company that owns the PG, Block Communications Inc. Many of my coworkers, talented journalists dedicated to covering the communities in which we live and work, have gone more than 15 years without a raise. In 2020, the company illegally and unilaterally imposed new work rules, undermining years of hard work and negotiating between the union and the ownership. All we are asking is that Block Communications reinstate our 2017 conditions, come to the bargaining table in good faith, and meet the healthcare demands of our striking sibling unions at the Post-Gazette — the ones my dad and grandfather worked in so proudly.

Here are ways you can support our fight:

Thank you for your help,

Mick Stinelli

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