December 9, 2022: Show Starbucks that we Stand up to Bullies!

And we need your help. We need your help to get Starbucks to the bargaining table, and to support workers, like myself, who were wrongfully fired for their union leadership.

We are asking for your support in these efforts:

  1. ATTEND A STARBUCKS WORKERS UNITED RALLY AT A CITY NEAR YOU: On December 9th, we will celebrate the one-year anniversary of the first unionized Starbucks. We want you to celebrate with us. We need community support to put pressure on Starbucks to bargain with us. We will be hosting rallies in Arlington, VA, Buffalo, Seattle, NYC, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Boston.
  2. DONATE TO THE STARBUCKS WORKER SOLIDARITY FUND: So many Starbucks workers across the country have stories similar to mine. Starbucks fired us for organizing, and now many organizers are struggling financially. The Coworker Starbucks Solidarity Fund is distributing $2500 stipends that will help these worker activists address urgent needs, no strings attached — from rent and health insurance to training and travel to events. 100% of your donation will be redistributed to a worker who applies for support.

Starbucks brands itself as a “progressive” company, and specifically recruits workers from the LGBTQ+ community by offering benefits like gender affirming care. When workers want to organize, Starbucks then weaponizes these same benefits, and uses our identity to threaten and intimidate us out of organizing.

Starbucks’ union busting is not only an attack on workers, but an attack on the entire queer community.

This fight is not just a fight for Starbucks workers – it’s a fight for the entire American labor movement. We need to tell Howard Schultz, and his billionaire friends, that union busting is not acceptable and won’t be tolerated.

I hope you will join us at a rally near you on December 9th.

In Solidarity,

Sam Amato

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