75 years after partition, U.S. guns and dollars still murder Palestinians

75 years after partition, U.S. guns and dollars still murder Palestinians

Thousands of Palestinian students at Bir Zeit University take part in the funeral procession of Jawad and Zafer Al Rimawi, two brothers murdered by lsraeli occupation forces Nov. 29 near Ramallah. Photo: Times of Gaza

Bill Dores, November 4, 2022

Dec. 2 – Seventy-five years ago, on Nov. 29, 1947, the United Nations partitioned the land of Palestine against the wishes of its people. The chief architect of this crime was the U.S. Truman administration. The State Department threatened dozens of countries with economic retaliation if they did not vote to create a colonial settler state on 57% of the land of Palestine.  

Most countries in Africa and many in Asia and the Caribbean were still under West European colonial rule and not allowed to vote. 

Within months Al Nakba began – the campaign of mass murder and ethnic cleansing that drove the majority of Palestinian people from their homes and created the racist state called “Israel” on their stolen land. In 1967 that state seized all of Palestine and part of Syria and Egypt as well.

The United Nations now marks Nov. 29 as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The U.S.-armed and -funded Israeli occupation forces marked that date this year with a murder spree in the camps and villages of the West Bank, killing 10 people in four days.

At 4 a.m. on Nov. 29, in the village of Kafr Ein near Ramallah, an Israeli military hit squad murdered Bir Zeit university students Jawad Al Rimawi, 22, and Zafer Al Rimawi, 21. The two brothers were the only sons of their family….

75 years after partition, U.S. guns and dollars still murder Palestinians

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