Education Workers Strike In Various Locations Nationwide

The largest strike in the country got a little bit smaller this week, with University of California post-docs with UAW Local 5810 voting to ratify a contract and return to work; around 36,000 teaching assistants and researchers remain on strike, and are entering into mediation with the administration. Over at the New School in New York City, UAW Local 7902 has ended their 2,000-member adjunct faculty strike with a tentative agreement. Some 500 more adjunct faculty have gone on strike with AFT Local 6262 at the College of the Canyons, a public community college in Santa Clarita, CA. Meanwhile, grad workers with the UE at the University of Iowa (in Iowa City, IA) and New Mexico State University (in Las Cruces, NM) are both pushing for raises, and the latter for a first contract.

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