Tossing papers, blocking scabs in Pittsburgh

The Post-Gazette stoops to new lows each week. Whether it’s calling the cops on striking workers for leafletting or returning rejected newspapers, or posting scab jobs, it’s very clear the Blocks and the executives helping them run their operation know no shame. But we’re not going to let them have an easy time of it, either.

We are asking supporters like you to submit videos of disposing of a Post-Gazette. You can simply attach the video to a response to this email, and we will edit them all into a beautiful compilation.

Recently, the PG began posting more and more scab job postings. The company wants to undermine all its workers with these hires, and has been very transparent about this at the bargaining table. There, union-busting attorneys have proposed contract language that would allow the PG to take away union work without notice.

But what if they couldn’t fill those positions? What if it took far, far longer than they expect?

That’s why we’re asking you to apply! We’ve attached some simple directions to help. We strongly encourage you to mix up your methods in applying.

If the PG wants scabs in a union town, they should have to sift through hundreds of spam applications. This is just one way you can hold the digital picket line today. But please, share this effort near and far.

Our strike is as strong as the community that supports us. And we’re so proud to say that includes you.

In Solidarity,

Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh

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