December 22, 2022: (Webinar) U.S. Hands Off Peru!

Alliance For Global Justice

Watch on FB Live or register on Zoom (interpretation available):

#Peru is in crisis following a U.S.-supported “lawfare” coup against the elected President Pedro Castillo. The coup’s acting president Dina Boluarte has called for a crackdown that has left many dead and even more wounded and/or detained. Basic civil liberties have been suspended. Not to be intimidated, pro-democracy and sovereignty activists are in the streets and major unions have called a national strike.

While there are varying positions among the left and popular movements, there is a prevailing unity for new congressional elections, a referendum on the constitution and an end to the repression and the “state of emergency” and against U.S. interference in Peru’s internal affairs. It is widely recognized that the coup against Castillo is racist and classist in nature. Castillo is a union member from Peru’s mountain regions and has a majority Indigenous, peasant, and working class base. Many believe the U.S.-supported coup is a punishment on Castillo for disbanding the Grupo Lima and ending its efforts towards regime change in Venezuela.

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