Statement: Milwaukee DSA and Coalition Partners Oppose New Youth Prison Construction

Governor Evers should declare a moratorium on “superpredator” sentences rather than building a new youth prison.

Politicians from Milwaukee and across Wisconsin are making a mistake that will waste millions of dollars, endanger a generation of young people, and deepen Wisconsin’s commitment to mass incarceration. They are working to build an expensive new prison for young people.

These politicians are selling the new prison as the only way to close the existing youth prisons at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake. This is not true. Those prisons can be closed and replaced by programs and policies that protect kids. We know the gerrymandered, hyper-conservative state legislature is not going to make those changes, but the governor can and should use his constitutional powers to empty and close those prisons himself.

Get involved!

Sign our petition calling on Gov. Evers to stop the construction of a new youth prison in Milwaukee

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