Black Workers For Justice: Justice for Tyre Nichols! Stop the War on Black America!

When Dr. King was murdered, Nina Simone, in song, raised the question “are they men or are they beast?” On January 7, 2023, the Memphis PD Scorpion Squad once again answered the question. They, representatives of a racist system, are monsters in service of controlling oppressed communities, defending the social order and the profits of the capitalist class.

Policing in the US is a system that has grown out of the history of slave catchers (paddy rollers) and the enforcing of Jim Crow chain gangs. This is what colonialism looks like.
In the meantime, police budgets continue to increase, and public employee wages and
protections are shortchanged. Communities are no safer as a result and the beatings
and murders continue.

While we are focused on Memphis and the murder of Tyre Nichols, in Atlanta, with the resistance to Cop City, the use of more than 85 acres of public lands for a 2nd
police training facility, 6 environmental activists were charged with domestic terrorism
and police murdered a 7th, Tortuguita. Georgia governor Kemp has declared a state of
emergency and called up 1,000 national guard. In Columbus GA, more than 125 police
marched down the street to intimidate 15 protesters. This is what fascism looks like.

And in North Carolina we fight against the police. In Raleigh, the police murdered Darryl
Williams, tasing him three times after he told them he had a heart condition. He
presented no threat to the gang of police that detained him. And although she was not
killed by Greenville PD, Danisha Rogers, BWFJ and Mapinduzi member and activist,
was assaulted by police last year. Her fingers were broken as they dragged her out
of her car without probable cause. She may have been recognized as an activist in
opposing the long-term vicious nature of the GPD. This is what colonialism looks like.

We call for: Refunding Public Budgets to Meet People’s Needs of Education,
Health, Housing and Municipal Services instead of Police & Military Training & War!
Drop the Charges Against Danisha Rogers & the Cop City 6, and all Activists Standing
for Justice! No Cop City!

Black Workers for Justice

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