Virginia: “Keolis Has No Heart”: Striking Loudoun County transit workers to rally on Valentine’s Day, ATU Local 689 Strike Continues

ATU Local 689

Demanding Loudoun County Supervisors levy fines against Keolis for missed service and bargain in good faith to end the month-long strike, ATU Local 689

Loudoun County Transit workers and allies will hold a “Keolis Has No Heart” Valentine’s Day rally today at 5pm outside the Board of Supervisors Finance and Government Operations Committee meeting (see Calendar for details). The announcement came yesterday as part of a rising tide of unrest from Keolis workers in Northern Virginia and around the country. Early Monday morning, members of Teamsters Local 639 at Keolis Transportation in Prince William County officially began their own strike. Keolis additionally had to recently pull out of Las Vegas, Nevada, altogether and lost a contract in Raleigh, North Carolina. Teamsters Local 533 in Reno, Nevada, also had to go on strike three times to secure a fair contract. “Keolis has no heart,” said ATU International President John Costa. “For over a month now, Keolis has left our members and riders out in the cold.” “It is crystal clear to all of us that Keolis is trying to crush our members at any cost,” said ATU Local 689 President Raymond Jackson. “The Board has to do the right thing and fine Keolis or else it will continue to abuse the riding public and workers all over Northern Virginia and this country.”
photo: Loudoun County transit worker (ATU 689) joins the Prince William County transit worker picket line (Teamsters Local 639) on Monday.

ATU Local 689

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