Amazon Labor Union Needs Your Help

Sign the petition:

The Amazon Labor Union, one of the most unlikely and inspiring worker actions of the past five years, needs your help. They have broken through virulent union-busting at one of America’s most powerful companies and won the vote. 

Now ALU needs to bring Amazon mamagement to the bargaining table. And that won’t happen without massive outside pressure. 

That’s where you come in. 

Take a moment and add your name to ALU’s petition demanding that the company recognize the hard fought victory in Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse, recognize the new union immediately, and start bargaining in good faith. 

If enough people stand shoulder to shoulder with the warehouse workers we can make this happen, but the workers can’t do it alone. 

By signing the petition, you show them that they are not alone in their battle against the world’s largest marketplace for fair working conditions. 

*Note – ALU’s petition is a joint petition. Petition-signers may have their email address shared with one other group supporting the petition. You may unsubscribe from any email materials you do not wish to receive. The partner groups are: Americans for Financial Reform, Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund, The Coalition on Human Needs, Data for Progress, Democracy for America Action Fund, Green America, Inequality Media Civic Action, More Perfect Union, Other98, Progress America, Partners for Dignity and Rights, Patriotic Millionaires, RootsAction, Social Security Works, 

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