Stop Copy City! Keep Atlanta Green! – Week of Solidarity Feb. 19-26, 2023

Defend The Atlanta Forest, a movement for the future of South Atlanta, has initiated a Week of Solidarity to Stop Cop City from February 19 to 26. 

POWHR is hosting a teach-in on the movement to Stop Cop City and how it relates to our fight to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

The Atlanta Police Foundation, corporations, and local officials are trying to destroy hundreds of acres of the Weelaunee Forest to build a massive police training compound. The compound would train cops from around the world in militarized police tactics.

On January 18th, police murdered forest defender Tortuguita who had been organizing tirelessly to #StopCopCity.

Cop City must be stopped.

This teach-in is for the movement to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline to learn about the connections between our two movements and how we can support #StopCopCity.

Speakers include:

★ Denali Nalamalapu on how #StopCopCity connects to #StopMVP

★ Emily Backus on organizing with #StopCopCity on the ground in Atlanta

★ Crystal Mello on building relationships amongst grassroots environmental justice fights

★ Russell Chisholm on escalated police presence and the criminalization of protests in the US

★ Basav Sen on murders of environmental defenders around the world

Register here:

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