Madison, March 8, 2023: Celebrating HERstory on International Working Women’s Day!


Register here:…/international-womens-day…

The WI Coalition for Dignity for Incarcerated Women & Girls is going to the Capitol on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2023. We’re meeting with legislators about issues that affect incarcerated women and girls;

– No Shackling of pregnant incarcerated women – a ban on the shackling, cavity searches and solitary confinement of pregnant women including for 6 months post partum.

– Creating a WI Prison Doula Program – Incarcerated pregnant women in WI give birth alone with no support, no birth coach and often shackled to their bed. WI Prison Doula Program will provide a doula to incarcerated pregnant women and girls who will then be a source of support before, during and after their labor and delivery. The WI Doula program will provide education and programing to pregnant and post partum mothers that will aid with their healing while educating them on being supportive, loving parents to their newborn as well as older children.

– The Dignity for Incarcerated Women & Girls Act a package of legislation including better visitation policies for primary caretaker parents, drug counseling programming and parenting education for pregnant women and mothers, and quality pads and tampons provided to inmates free of charge.

Please join us and share your “HERstory”. Are you a prison doula? Formerly incarcerated women who gave birth while in custody? Formerly incarcerated women seeking to assure dignity for currently incarcerated women? Medical staff who feel strongly that shackling, cavity searches and solitary confinement are not for pregnant women? Please join us!

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