Labor News: Starbucks, Transit, Tech, Non-Profit Workers On the Move; Union Strikes, Elections and More!

Starbucks Workers United

On March 2, 2023, Starbucks was officially charged in one of the biggest union-busting cases in history. A federal judge ruled Starbucks had broken the law HUNDREDS of times in Buffalo, New York, and has ordered several rare remedies saved for only the most extreme cases. This includes reopening a Buffalo store Starbucks closed in retaliation for union activity, the reinstatement of seven Starbucks workers that were illegally terminated, and requiring the company to post a 13-page notice of Starbucks’s violations in every single store in the United States.

Additionally, CEO Howard Schultz, who has been an architect of the company’s anti-union campaign, will be required to read a notice of the company’s violations to workers in the Buffalo-area in an in-person environment. This event also must be recorded on video to be viewed by every Starbucks employee in the country.

Then on March 3: In yet another complaint from the National Labor Relations Board, a federal judge is alleging that the Starbucks Heritage District in Seattle was created as a means to stop union activity – all within three iconic stores in Starbucks’s hometown.

Railroad Workers United 

This coalition of union railroad workers continues to support workers and residents of East Palestine, OH where the horrific Norfolk Southern crash took place. The RWU also continues to demand answers from Norfolk Southern and its government backs that have eliminated many safety provisions that led to the crash in East Palestine and is creating an ongoing disaster of a toxic environment and many other hardships for residents there. 

The RWU continues to fight for union railroad workers and the communities they serve such as East Palestine. In the past month the RWU has put forth resolutions and other documents to demand improved safety, participated in a variety of events, sends an email newsletter weekly with critical information, often updates its social media on developments and much more. 

See: and

Labor Event: Why Abortion Rights Are Workers Rights!”

On International Working Women’s Day, the South Central Federation of Labor in Madison, Wisconsin, is sponsoring the webinar “Why Abortion Rights Are Workers Rights!” 

The description for the event reads: “On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2023, at 6 pm, our panel will talk about the struggle for reproductive justice in context historically vis-à-vis a right-wing agenda with attacks on workers; also to give attendees concrete, practical strategies to fight for abortion rights and reproductive justice, both inside and outside the union hall. 

This panel is also to bring attention to the upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court election April 4.

Our panel includes Linda Gordon, Professor of History at NYU, Sara Nelson, President of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO, Amadi Ozier, Madison Abortion and Reproductive Rights Coalition for Healthcare, and Laura Beutel of AFSCME Local 720.

A Question-Answer will occur after the panel presentations.”

Register at:

Airport Workers are Sick of Waiting!

“We need healthcare and sick days now!” say contracted workers at Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA). The workers, SEIU 32BJ members, were joined March 7 by elected officials and community organizations to support these basic rights for contracted airport workers. 

“MWAA has the power to enact a policy ensuring airport contractors provide baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, wheelchair attendants and other airport workers with a more livable wage, paid sick leave and employer-paid health insurance,” says Local 32BJ. Click here for more info and to sign up for updates.

Transit Strike Picket Lines in Loudon County Virginia

Members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 have been on strike for two months against the greedy Keolis corporation. The bus drivers, mechanics, dispatchers and other transit workers continue to fight for a just contract with livable wages and benefits and are also fighting against privatization. For more information, how to support and donate to the strike fund: or #atustrong

Donate to the ATU 689 strike fund at: 

Local 689 Loudoun County Transit Strike Fund by clicking here.

Southern Workers Assembly April 21-23, 2023 in Charlotte, North Carolina 

Workers from across the South and beyond will gather in Charlotte, North Carolina to strategize and discuss how to build workers assemblies to #OrganizeTheSouth. If workers are interested in developing an assembly in your area, we invite you to join us. Learn more and reach out at

YouTube Music members on Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) Strike

Many workers cannot return to the office because:

A. They live out of state & were hired for REMOTE work.

B. They are primary caregivers and need the flexibility of at-home work.

3. They cannot afford the costs associated with in-person work (childcare, gas etc.)

When workers filed for their union election in October, Google & Cognizant responded with a retaliatory RTO mandate that would force workers to either RTO or give up their livelihoods. This is an attempt to harm the powerful working organizing that’s been building for months.

Being on a ULP strike is the only thing protecting workers’ jobs. Donate to our ULP strike fund to stand with workers if you can. 

The You Tube workers are a part of a growing movement of tech worker organizing across the U.S. at Google and many corporations. 

More information:

Say Si Workers in San Antonio Win Date for Union Election 

The bargaining unit proposed by workers organizing with the United Professional Organizers (UPO) at SAY Sí, the after-school arts nonprofit, has been accepted by a regional labor board, which also set the union election dates. A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) union election will be held on March 8 and March 10 if the bosses do not accept voluntary recognition.

As in the tech industry, workers are organizing nationwide within the non-profit industrial complex. More information:

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