Detroit, March 12, 2023: Speak Out for Mumia’s Freedom!


The People for Mumia! Please share.

On Sunday, March 12, 2023, Detroit Community members will read aloud the words of Mumia Abu-Jamal from passages in his books and commentaries.

This is a critical time to fight for Mumia’s release. He is an elder now, and needs to be FREE. At this event, there will be easy ways to take action in the global campaign to get Mumia out of prison.

Snacks and beverages provided
Please Wear A Mask

MUMIA ABU-JAMAL has been a Political Prisoner in Pennsylvania for 41 years. He is a veteran Philadelphia Black Panther, radical radio journalist, father and grandfather, and foremost revolutionary thinker and writer. Mumia is a loving movement elder who uplifts stuggles worldwide with his powerful voice and writings.

As a young man, he was a Black Panther newspaper journalist and an award-winning Philadelphia radio journalist. Mumia has written more than a dozen books including ‘We Want Freedom’, ‘Live from Death Row’, ‘Jailhouse Lawyers’, ‘All Things Censored’, and three volumes of ‘Murder Incorporated’, co-authored with Stephen Vittoria, a searing critique of US imperialism.

Mumia is a victim of racism and police violence, a target of the government war on Black freedom movements. He was framed and wrongfully convicted by Philly’s racist injustuce system in 1982; sentenced to be executed.

The people’s movement forced the state to take Mumia off Death Row in 2011.
Now he is facing Death by Incarceration.

Boxes of evidence found in 2018 in the Philly DA’s office – hidden 38 yrs while Mumia grew old in prison – show bribed witnesses and race-based jury tampering in his case. Right now, Mumia’s has a big chance with the legal issues and with international solidarity, to be freed. We must keep pushing!

“We have the best chance in a very long time to actually achieve Mumia’s freedom” – Angela Davis to General Secretary of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa
Feb. 2023

Mumia’s writings are extraordinary, and deeply move and teach readers and listeners. Please join us at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Detroit on Sunday 6-8pm. FREE MUMIA NOW!


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