Railroad Workers United: International Women’s Day Greetings!

March 8th is International Women’s Day. Railroad Workers United would like to celebrate, recognize and commend all women railroad workers who — together with rank and file allies on the rails — make the railroad run. Women have long been part of the railroad workforce: as operators, telegraphers, clerks, and other crafts for decades.

During World War II, women workers kept the railroad maintenance shops running. In more recent history, women have entered the operating crafts working as brakemen, switchmen, conductors, and engineers. In whatever craft they have found employment, women workers on the railroad have thrived. They have been essential contributors to the strength of the rank and file.  

RWU offers our support and solidarity to all women railroaders, and we encourage all rail workers to extend them the recognition, respect, and solidarity that they deserve. And we encourage all women railroad workers to consider joining RWU
Happy International Women’s Day! Railroad Workers United
“Experiences of a Woman Yardmaster,1975” – published in Railway Age – Feb. 24, 2022
Read RWU member and former UP engineer Kathy Staruska’s master’s thesis from Texas State University, “Inequality on the Rails: A Qualitative Study of Women’s Experiences in the Railroad Industry.”
Portraits of Railroad Women During WWII from the Library of Congress curated by Mashable
Pride and Paycheck – a web and downloadable news magazine published for women in blue collar work by an RWU member and retired railroad machinist
A series of books published by RWU member and retired UP/Amtrak conductor Linda Niemann about life working for the railroad
9 to 5: The Story of a Movement
Working Women’s News From Around the World
A Brief History of International Women’s Day
Railroad Workers UnitedSolidarity — Unity — Democracy

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