Drop the Charges Against Tampa Students Arrested for Demanding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the University of Florida!

Donate to help the Tampa 4 with legal fees and also help out with those have have lost or cannot go to their jobs. #justiceforthetampa4 #DroptheChargesnow

Sign the petition to drop the charges against the Tampa 4 and share with friends!! Defending diversity programs is not a crime!! Justice for the Tampa 4!! Tampa Bay SDS

#tampa#tampaflorida #universityofsouthflorida#usf#protestisnotacrime #solidarity#fuckdesantis#fightback#studentactivism#petition


United Faculty of Florida at USF

A request from UFF President Andrew Gothard:

On March 6th, multiple USF students were brutalized and arrested by USF campus police, even though these young people were merely exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest Gov. DeSantis’s attacks on DEI. You can read more about this story here and here.

UFF stands in solidarity with these students, and we are asking you to call State Attorney Susan Lopez at 813-272-5400 and demand that all charges be immediately dropped. Feel free to use the call-in script below, provided by Students for a Democratic Society.

“Hello, my name is X, and I’m calling to demand that State Attorney Susan Lopez dismiss all charges against protestors Gia Davila, Chrisley Carpio, Laura Rodriguez, and Jeanie Kida. The USF Police department had no right to brutalize and arrest them for exercising their rights. Protesting is not a crime.”

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