Supporting Students and Workers, Labor and Community Members #FightRacism in Muskego, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

Beloit Memorial students and parents on March 13, 2023 held #FightRacism message for those arriving at the Muskego-Norway School Board meeting. Beloit Memorial students are joined by allies who want the school board to act in response to racist acts that took place at a March 3 basketball game between Beloit Memorial and Muskego High School where Beloit players were subjected to racist jeers and a student section that organized a “thug” theme in which they dressed in ski masks and tank tops. The visiting team’s locker room also had swastikas and the n-word written visibly in dust on surfaces. District officials and elected leaders must take these actions seriously and both condemn and discipline those who engaged in these racist actions. Anything less condones and empowers the offenders who perpetrated these acts. #FIGHTRACISM #FIGHTWITHLIGHT Overpass Light Brigade

More information: BCD Racism

From: Overpass Light Brigade

We helped walk a “Fight Racism” message into tonight’s Muskego-Norway School Board meeting for all to see. Our lighted message and presence demonstrate brightly that Beloit Memorial players, students, and allies will not tolerate the racist actions of Muskego High School students at a recent basketball game. Bigotry in all forms must be confronted immediately and decisively and we hope tonight’s presence will send that message and result in disciplinary action against all those involved and condemnation of racist language and acts going forward.

Overpass Light Brigade



Photo: Joe Brusky
Photo: Joe Brusky

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