Milwaukee, April 15-16, 2023: Community Art Build to Win Greater State Funding for Public Education

Event by Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, Stop the Takeover of MPS and Art Build Workers


Join us for a weekend of creating art in support of greater funding in the state budget for Wisconsin public schools. We will be painting banners, screen printing posters, and assembling other pieces in preparation for the coming two-year Wisconsin state budget battle. MPS Art Teachers have designed most of the work being used in this art build. No art experience is necessary. We will find a task for everyone who joins.

Why are we organizing an art build?

Milwaukee Public Schools and district across the state have faced a decade of underfunding and our schools are in crisis. Our state legislature is sitting on an unprecedented $7.1 billion budget surplus while our public schools face growing staff shortages and dwindling resources that adversely affect our students and communities. Educators who remain face overwhelming workloads, stagnant salaries, and pay inequity. Well over 3,000 MPS workers have signed a petition calling on our state’s elected leaders to pass a budget that prioritizes public education and our state’s children. The budget surplus has created a critical opportunity to re-invest in our public schools and public opinion polls have shown urban, rural, and suburban voters all support increases in compensation for educators. We intend to seize this moment through a variety of actions including a community art build to unite every district across the state and help engage the public through political education while sharing our story, demands, and aspirational solutions.

Join us on Saturday or Sunday or both days to help. The art build will take place at South Division High School in Milwaukee, 1515 W. Lapham Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Art Build Schedule:
Saturday, April 15: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: April 16: 10am – 5pm

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