Baltimore, April 3, 2023: Protest & Speak Out – FOOD IS A HUMAN RIGHT!

Protest & Speak Out 
Stop Food Stamp Cuts & Rollback Prices
Monday, April 3, 5 pm
Baltimore City Hall, 100 Holliday Street 21202

Protest & Speak Out 
Stop Food Stamp Cuts & Rollback Prices
Monday, April 3, 5 pm
Baltimore City Hall, 100 Holliday St 21202

Commemorating the April 4, anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King Jr.
Restore Food Stamp Cuts and Expand Food Stamps – Inflation is an Emergency
Rollback Prices – End Food Deserts

Feed the People, not the War Machine Sponsored by:  Peoples Power Assembly, Matthew Henson Neighborhood Association, Unemployed Workers Union, Baltimore Peace Action (partial list)

Baltimore community groups are joining together to fight for people’s right to affordable, nutritious food. If Under Armour can receive “opportunity zone” status and downtown businesses can receive financial benefits, why not Baltimore’s neighborhoods. 

We believe that it is time to put an end to food apartheid in Baltimore. When we began our work there were four areas that we identified as ‘food deserts’ including West Baltimore, Pigtown, Oliver East and Cherry Hill. 

Those boundaries have widened and with growing inflation most communities, with the exception of wealthy areas, are facing hardship and hunger. We need to rollback prices now! 

This is why we are submitting the following proposals. Where it is possible, we welcome government officials negotiating with existing supermarket chains to locate in these neighborhoods. But we cannot wait or rely on the good will of for-profit food chains. 

Comprehensive action is needed now on a City, State and Federal level! It includes City Council members, the Mayor, and the Governor. 

Our Plan:
Public owned & subsidized markets at the previous sites of closed markets or at locations designated by the community. 
Train and hire residents from each affected area. 
Protect and guarantee union rights for all workers in subsidized supermarkets. 

Rollback food prices 
Restore emergency allotments for food stamps to address the inflation crisis. 
Lower requirements to extend food stamp programs especially for seniors & low wage workers.
Workers and peoples control board to rollback and freeze prices 
Enact penalties for price gougers 

Support and fund Black owned food-coops, gardens & farms
Community control of vacant city lots for people’s gardens. 

Enact transportation & food distribution plan for seniors, youth, disabled and poor residents 
Weekly bus routes to supermarkets from affected communities. 
Delivery of food to those in need and emergency preparation. 

Community control of redevelopment 
Form Community Action Committees in each area. 
Citywide Commission made up of representatives from affected communities to determine action.

Mayor & City Council call for national aid – over $100 billion has already been spent on the U.S./ NATO proxy war on Russia, Time to feed the people, not the Pentagon!
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Our mailing address is:
2011 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

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