Trump: Lock him up!

April 3, 2023 Stephen Millies

Should Donald Trump be prosecuted on charges filed by the Manhattan DA? When two million poor people are in prison, how can Trump not be put on trial?

Trump should have been jailed decades ago. He conspired with his daddy―Ku Klux Klan supporter Fred Trump―to keep Black people out of his family-owned apartment complexes. 

In 1980, Donald Trump hired Polish immigrants to demolish the building on Manhattan’s posh Fifth Avenue that became the site of his flagship skyscraper, Trump Tower. They were given almost no safety equipment to remove deadly asbestos and paid just $5 per hour while working 12-hour shifts. Some must have died later of mesothelioma, a deadly lung cancer.

In 1989, Trump ran full-page newspaper ads demanding the return of the death penalty in New York state. This was in response to the arrest of Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise on charges of raping and beating a woman jogging in New York City’s Central Park.

False confessions were coerced by police from these five Black and Latinx youth. They spent years in prison for crimes they did not commit before being exonerated. Trump’s racist campaign helped frame them….

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